Situated in the heart of the historical centre of Ragusa, Ragusa Inn offers elegancecomfort and is close to the most typical places of the charmingIbla baroque.
The modern-style interiors makes this place cosy and simple.
Ragusa Inn
 is a refuge for an unforgettable holiday or for a pleasant business trip.
Its staff will be glad to answer your questions, suggesting the best restaurants, booking museums tickets or organizing a guided trip of the city.
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Between history and archaeology – "Urbs dives"
Rock sanctuary and churches, Christian catacombs, all dating back to 5th and 6th century A.D., makes our main city and the whole province an interesting area for those who love late-Roman and Byzantine-Middle Age archaeology. 
The territory between Modica and Ragusa is very rich in testimonies of this period: Grotte cadute, Ipogeo del Camposanto, Grotta dei santi, Baratavilla, etc. Prehistorical, greeks and romans settlements cover the whole area from Ragusa to Modica, from Scicli to Santa Croce Camerina, from Chiaramonte Gulfi to Ispica.

Between seaside and uplands
Mediterranean climate makes the province of Ragusa one of the areas with the highest tourism attraction in Sicily. The wide uplands, which are about to enter the project of the Ibla National Park, the unpolluted flora and fauna, makes this part of Sicily a little picture with the wide and green lands surrounded by dry-stone walls of its countryside, and the wide sandy dunes and beaches of its coastline. 
Mountain routes go through cities like Acate, Monterosso Almo, Chiaramonte Gulfi and Ragusa itself, while the coastline includes the beautiful beaches from Marina di Ispica, Pozzallo, Marina di Modica, Donnalucata to Marina di Ragusa, the best fun place for young people in southern-east Sicily, full of luxurious restaurants and pubs.


World Mankind patrimony
In 2002 Ragusa has been included among the Mankind patrimony sites, thanks to its art and archaeological patrimony. The city reconstruction after the tragic earthquake of 1963 had famous protagonists such as Vermexio, Ittar, Sinatra, just to mention some of those who help to outline the Val di Noto baroque. The volutes, the alternation of emptiness and fullness, of columns and capitals, of statues and architectonical compositions, makes our province one of the most important documents of Sicilian baroque.
Baroque itineraries will show you the churches of Ragusa Ibla, such as the Cathedral of San Giorgio, those of Modica, magnificent buildings like Palazzo Zacco, Piazza Duomo, from town to town till the wonderful baroque of Scicli.


Between folklore and tastes
The several town festivals (Sausage festival, Onion festival, Vintage festival, Domestic cock festival) and the religious and folklore feasts, Madonna delle Milizie, Festa del Risorto, Cavalcata di San Giuseppe, Madonna Vasa Vasa and many others, call the attention of many tourists, attracted by the usages and customs of people who have been able to keep and transmit its own history. 
There is something which makes these feasts even more interesting: the wine and food tradition. DOC and DOCG wines, DOP oil, the famous cheese exported in all over the world, everything strengthens the idea that a holiday in our province is mandatory for travel lovers.